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The qualitative foundation

A sound house is built on a solid foundation. Our foundation is our professional skills. As specialists we have substantial experience as well as the added depth that comes from being well- educated, enthusiastic and inquisitive methodical.

At  Gad's we pride ourselves in promoting an atmosphere based on commitment, a certain level of informality and a taste for luxury. Gad's is a workplace that expects and respects differences.

Our qualitative qualifications  

Interdisciplinary cooperation is central to qualitative research. We employ psychologists, anthropologists, sociologists, masters of communication as well as other experts.

Apart from our educational backgrounds we all possess the openness, curiosity, flexibility and attention to accuracy and detail, which we believe to be of key importance in qualitative research.

But we also believe in the importance of being to be able to listen carefully and approaching the possibility to generate new knowledge about a phenomenon enthusiastically. And above all, taking an interest in society and the world around us.


Case: test of campaign
Purpose: A foreign company wants to test a TV campaign for the Nordic marked. They need input for the creative process as well as an indication on how the campaign is received and understood.

Approach: Two focus groups in four countries. The focus was not on testing if the campaign was s 'go' or 'no-go' but more on the emotional response to particular elements of the campaign as well as the campaign overall.

Output: we composed four different typologies of customers who understood and reacted in different ways to the campaign based on their different backgrounds. Based on this the company and the agency were able to make creative changes in relation to the type of customers they wanted to reach.