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The international approach

Since we began in 2002, we have carried out a number of research projects in other European countries; eastern as well as western European. We are significantly experienced with projects involving qualitative research in several countries. One of the main reasons for this, is that we insist on a few ground rules:

The most important part of international projects is the co-operation. We try to always work with our regular collaborators, who are able to provide the high quality results that we expect.

We also work with institutes that the customer has previously co-operated with, yet we always prefer to be in charge of the overall management of the project.

In international projects it is important to have an understanding of the cultural differences between two given countries. We believe that it is important to allow time for this. By being open to cultural differences it is possible to/ we are able to express issues that otherwise could turn out to be a barrier at a later stage - or a new opportunity.