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The qualitative versatility

The essence of the qualitative approach is to study the subject in depth. However, it goes further than that. We believe that a qualitative research institute should also have a certain aspect of difuseness. We have expressed our approach to the versatility of qualitative research as follows:

The qualitative broadness

-    We take on small and quick projects as well as complex analytical projects.
-    We employ well -documented, conventional methods as well as new and explorative methods.
-    We carry out market analyses for both Danish and international companies as well as carrying out evaluations and social research for public institutions and organisations.
-    We talk to an array of different target groups including children as well as retired pensioners, unskilled workers as well as the highly educated,  Danes as well as ethnic and other minorities.

The qualitative depth

-    We believe that the qualitative and analystic methods are more than just a tool box -  they are an attitude to research.
-    We feel that qualitative research is about approaching a subject with openness and curiosity as well as the intention to  conquer the unknown.
-    The combination of our professional qualifications, the organisation, our project management and our values ensure that we reach the depth that we believe all projects deserve.

Case: background analysis

Purpose: An international company requested a deep reaching understanding of mothers' values and the change in values and needs in relation to children aged between 0 to 3 years old.


Approach: Two focus groups of two and a half hours length each. Before turning up to the groups, the participants had been asked to take photos and note down different things in relation to childcare with respect to children aged 0 to 3 years old.


Output: we delivered an analysis that was based on the results from the group as well as being based on an exerpts of research project concerning the values of mothers in Denmark today. The client was able to use the results and develop new initiatives and products.