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Qualitative fields of research

Regardless of whether our clients work with diapers, tourism, medicine or opinions we deliver a qualitative analysis that provides an insight, which could anything from an insight into products, target groups, markets, competitors, employees etc.


Consumer analysis

Our analysis for private companies include the following areas:

-          Medical

-          FMCG

-          Finance

-          Experience economy


We do many different kinds of research including concept development, test of communication, innovation etc. Often the objective is to gain knowledge of a field or test a specific product or concept. The strength of qualitative knowledge is that it is open to new but crucial insights.


Our approach is characterized by a large degree of flexibility. FMCG is by definition fast moving and so are the analyses. We often deliver analyses that are initiated, conducted and delivered at a rapid pace - but without compromising quality.


Public analysis

Public analysis projects are different from private analysis projects. We believe that doing both kinds of projects helps to strengthen our professional knowledge.


We are often chosen to deliver the qualitative part of a project because we contribute with new approaches to the subject and deepen the understanding of the issue in question by being open to new and unexpected insights.


We have delivered public analyses to The Danish Evaluation Institute (EVA), KEA, The Department of Human Nutrition amongst others.



In our business to business projects we tend to use a great variety of methods. We may choose focus groups, explorative workshops, telephone interviews or in- depth interviews with the participants in their own environment: at home, at work, in the doctors consulting room, at the building site etc.


It is often a challenge to recruit participants for B2B projects. However, over the years we have built up a significant amount of experience in recruiting the correct people for a given project. Often the recruitment process turns out to be a pilot project in itself.


When it comes to reporting the results, we typically involve the customer in a presentation or internal workshop.